Ever since leaving my 9 to 5 almost a year ago, travel has been a top priority.  Now, whenever I go out of town, my work can come right along with me.  I’ve gone on a number of trips near and far and I surprisingly get a lot done when I’m not in my home office.  Changing up the scenery helps with creativity which is a nice perk to the laptop life.


I’ve discovered everything that I need to do my job properly no matter where I am.  Here are a few things that I always bring along with me:


Laptop:  I use a 15” Apple Mac Book Pro when I’m on the road.  It’s got Adobe CC and Microsoft Office installed which is everything I need.  This + some WiFi and life is good.


External Hard Drive:  I rarely keep any files on my computer’s themselves.  All documents get stored on an external hard drive and are backed-up once a month on DropBox.  The hard drive I bring along with me when I travel hold 500GB and it’s about the same size as the palm of my hand.


Notebooks:  I have three notebooks that I bring everywhere.  My bullet journal (small Moleskin), a client notebook, and a notebook dedicated to notes for this blog.  These two are both regular old college-ruled notebooks.  I love writing pen to paper vs on a computer all the time.  Notebooks are ideal when you’re traveling because you’re able to jot down inspiration as it strikes.


Earbuds:  Sometimes when you’re in a coffee shop or in an airport, earbuds are necessary to tune out the noise, so you can focus.  I like to either listen to music or one of my favorite podcasts while I work.  Here are a few of the regular listens: Entrepreneur on Fire, This American Life, Dave Ramsey, and The Minimalists.


Refillable Water Bottle:  This is clutch!  I have a 32oz Nalgene bottle that comes with me whether I’m headed to a coffee shop or on an airplane.  It’s easy to pack and fill up.  No more paying $5 for a stupid plastic airport bottled water.


Backpack:  All of the items above fit into my traveling office backpack.  I use this Herschel backpack and LOVE it.  It’s got a fleece lined laptop sleeve and a ton of pockets and compartments.  I always equip my backpack with plenty of pens and tea bags before any trip.  It’s a perfect pack that fits under the seat on an airplane.


That’s it!  I try to keep my travel essentials lightweight and as compact as possible.  While seeing new places is usually fun, the job must go on.  This travel office makes working from anywhere so much easier.


The freedom to travel is one my favorite things about self-employment.  What work essentials do you take along when you travel?  Comment below =)


“Life is short and the world is wide” – unknown


Thanks for Reading,