The feeling of success is a subjective thing. Some days I feel successful if I get through the day—ya know, just alive— and other days where success feels impossible to come by, even after accomplishing major tasks. The feeling of success, in my opinion, is all in your perspective.


We tend to think luxuries are only for the rich. You have to travel to exotic lands and own a fancy car in order to be “successful.” Yes, these things are definitely luxurious, but there is so much more to feeling successful than indulging in over the top things and activities.


Unfortunately, success is often measured by our wealth, job title or what you’ve accomplished compared to those around you. In reality, the feeling of success is not related to any of these things. Success will never be a destination, it’s simply a state of mind throughout your journey.


When I’m putting in long work hours, hunched over my computer, I yearn for simple pleasures. Usually, all I want is a few hours for myself or a day to unwind to do what feels best to me at that moment.


Would I love to fly to the beach for a weekend? SURE. But, I can spend my time closer to home and get some of those same relaxing benefits. And also feel like I’m taking care of myself.


Here’s my list of a few simple things that make me feel successful.

  • Making and sipping on hot tea
  • Indulging in a mini at-home facial: face & eye masks
  • Enjoying a slow morning
  • Journaling
  • Listening to music or a podcast while at home
  • Talking with family or good friends
  • Having fresh flowers in the house
  • Working from a coffee shop for a few hours
  • Spending time outside with the dogs
  • Cooking and eating fresh food
  • Finishing a workout
  • Having a clean apartment and car: When my space is clean, I feel like I’ve really got my shit together! ?
  • Planning and writing for this blog


Many times, doing what makes you feel successful will cost you little to no money at all!  AND can truly bring happiness. No matter what life may be throwing at you, it’s important to understand and make time for whatever makes you feel good.


What makes you feel successful? Comment below! =)


“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”  – Henry David Thoreau


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