I spent last weekend in and around up north/central Wisconsin. I attended and photographed a friend’s wedding, ate cheese, drank Spotted Cows, and just enjoyed the rural scenery. The weekend went by fast and now it’s back to work this week.


I have over 500 photos to edit and make beautiful which I’m excited about. It’s been over a year since I photographed a wedding and it’s fun to do on occasion. I don’t do much photography anymore in my business, but do love to help friends when I can. This will be the 7th wedding I’ve shot, either on my own or as a second photographer.


When I first started my side business, I used to promote photography much more and photograph graduations, baptisms, family photos, and engagement sessions. I’ve realized in the last few years that this isn’t my passion and I don’t have the same love for it as I do for web design and marketing projects. It is fun though, especially when you get to photograph people you love!


Photography is a complex art and there is so much to learn! I sometimes struggle with lighting, having the proper ISO setting, when to use a flash, posing large groups of people,  how to get the best composition, and just generally coordinating complete strangers. But the more you practice, the better and more confident I become. It’s a fun challenge that keeps me growing in a creative way and pushes me to step out of my comfort zone.


Everything creative is appealing to me. When most people think of the term creative, they probably think some form of drawing, painting, or sculpting- I’m am good at none of these things! But it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy trying and learning. I don’t expect to be an expert photographer (or artist), but I think that stepping out of your comfort zone is powerful and can improve what you do really love to do. It helps you think differently and increases your confidence to pull off new projects that come your way.


Creative is a broad term and really applies to every business, job title, hobby, and passion.


“The best things are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone” -Karen Salmansohn


Thanks for Reading,