I’ve done many side jobs over the years. As a younger adult, I’ve walked dogs, help with landscaping, done photography/videography gigs and of course built my current freelance business all while working a full-time marketing job.


There is something very freeing about earning money from more than one place.


There is no shame in working multiple jobs. I took anything and everything that came my way when I was building my business. I took on random projects that I really didn’t have any interest in and sold things that I no longer had the need for. I had a huge goal to leave my full-time job and I needed a substantial amount of money in order to feel comfortable making the jump. Life is expensive, and we all need to do what it takes to get to where we want to go.


I know of many people that worked a full-time and part-time job while paying off debt, and I think that’s awesome! It makes a huge difference and speeds up hitting your goals. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your free time and that’s okay. It’s usually not a long-term plan and the pay off is always worth it.


Even now, I have multiple streams of income within my freelance business. I earn money from monthly digital marketing, writing projects, ongoing website reporting, website maintenance programs and for one-off design projects. None of these on their own could support me, but when you combine them all, every one of them helps. If one of these clients were to drop off, it wouldn’t make a huge difference and that helps ease my mind.


When I was still building my business on the side I treated hustling as a game. It’s fun and challenging. How can I beat last month or last year? Now I strive to figure out how can I optimize my workflows so I can earn more while working less.


setting up multiple income streams


Here are a few ideas for setting up multiple income streams:

  • List your skill sets. Can you take on projects utilizing those skills? Heck, start a freelance business =)
  • Do you know people with businesses that need help?  If not, ask around.
  • Take on a traditional part-time job if you have the time.
  • Are you crafty? Start an Etsy shop.
  • Regularly invest in mutual funds—while this is not an immediate income stream, one day it will be!


I think it’s a misconception that having a conventional job is somehow more stable. This seems backwards to me. I haven’t ruled out ever working a “normal” job ever again in the future, but I can say that I wouldn’t be okay relying on only one source of income.


What are your thoughts on multiple income streams? Comment below =)


“Success is not just making money. Success is happiness. Success is fulfilment; it’s the ability to give.” – Adam Neumann


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