I was at a party a while back for a friend and I was chatting with an acquaintance.  We were updating each other on our lives and, inevitably, our jobs.  Many people I come across seem to be interested in my non-traditional path and have a lot of questions.  We chatted for a while and one thing that stuck with me during our conversation was when they said to me “I’m not talented enough to have my own business.”  I remember telling them I’m sure you’re MORE than talented enough.  This didn’t go any further, so I don’t think it was very convincing.


I wanted to knock some sense into them, but it didn’t seem appropriate.  It just ended up making me sad that people even think that way.  That they are somehow “not good enough.”


The thing is, talent has little to do with being a business owner.  I don’t consider myself super talented in any one area.  In my experience, just being resilient is more important than any talent.  If you are personable, have good communication, are easy to work with, and just KEEP GOING, you’ll probably win. Your quality of work/output with improve over time, and you’ll all of a sudden be considered “talented.”


There is no reason to think you’re not “good” or “worthy” enough.  Here are a few things you can do if you are considering starting a business (or any endeavor) and you’re second-guessing your talent:


  • Try out different skills and techniques
  • Learn as much as you can- take classes, watch videos, read
  • Connect with other business owners, or people succeeding in your area of interest
  • Take on a project, even if it scares you
  • Make a business plan and brainstorm future ideas



You are talented, and you are in charge of your own future.  If you keep telling yourself that you’re not good enough, then you’re not.  At least not with that attitude.


I’ve had my fair share of thinking I’m not talented enough to support myself without a traditional job.  The thought still lingers once in a while, but, at the end of the day, I know I’ll never give up on this- It’s not going to happen.


Self-doubt is normal, but you can’t let it overtake your brain.  The more you think you are not capable, the more you’ll start believing it’s true.  And that’s dangerous!  What do you want to start, but feel like your lacking that talent to pull it off?  How are you going to change that?  Comment below =)


“Talent is cheaper than table salt.  What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” – Stephen King


Thanks for Reading,