Warm weather is approaching.  We’ve had a few 70+ degree days here in Asheville and it’s been nice to have the windows open at home.  Not to mention it’s lighter outside in the evening hours which has given me more motivation to get things done.  With spring in the air, I’ve gotten the itch to CLEAN, declutter, and re-organize here at the apartment.  It always feels nice to start off a new season with a clean space, so let the spring cleaning begin!


Before the last move, we got rid of 50% of our stuff.  Now that we’ve been in the same apartment for a year and a half, it’s a good time to go through things and see what hasn’t been used and re-evaluate what’s really needed.


Our one bedroom apartment is pretty small, so there’s not a whole lot to go through.  I absolutely love the simplicity of living with less stuff!  I’ve noticed that even after a big purge, crap still seems to pile up if you’re not paying attention- especially when your space is small and storage is minimal. Here are a few things I’ve done so far and things I want to do so I can get this place back in shape!



Kitchen:  I started in the kitchen because some of the cabinets were driving me crazy.  I went through all the plastic and glass containers and tossed any with no lids, organized, and restacked. Got rid of old food, organized the pantry, and went through the junk drawer.  The next thing on my list is to take out all of our pots, pans, and plate ware from the cabinets and wipe the cabinets down.


Closet:  I go through my clothes every season and spring is no exception.  I knew that there were a few winter items that I didn’t touch over the last few months so it’s time to donate or give away.  Now that Steve and I share a closet, it’s necessary to keep the clothing and shoes to what we actually love and use.


Bathroom:  I flew through cleaning the bathroom because there are only 3 drawers and the space under the sink for storage.  This is another room where I want to wipe down the drawers to get rid of any gunk.


Storage Space:  We have a small storage area out on our patio that we use to keep camping gear, tools, and other miscellaneous items that only get used once in a while.  I went through everything in this storage area this past Christmas and got rid of a ton, but it’s in need of reorganizing.  Now that we’ve been here a while, I can organize what we need most often towards the front and what we don’t use as much in the back- just to make it all easier to access.


I love organizing.  I get it, it’s a really weird thing to love, but keeping our home clean and simple has made a huge impact. It’s easy to maintain, keeps me focused on important things, and contributes to that “freedom” feeling.  Have you done any spring cleaning? What’s your strategy? Comment below =)


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo DaVinci


Thanks for Reading,