This past year, I’ve felt so grateful to build my business, travel more, and spend my time how I want.  There has been a lot of perks to being self-employed like being your own boss and making your own schedule, but it also comes with some big sacrifices. Before making this decision I had to lower my expenses, save as much money as I could, spend nights and weekends working on projects to build my portfolio, and muster up the courage to finally quit my day job.  The sacrifice didn’t stop there.  Here are a few things that I sacrifice now in order to freelance.


A Guaranteed Income

I think this is the most known sacrifice of being self-employed.  I no longer get the same amount of money deposited into my bank account by my employer every two weeks.  Now, I’m in charge of making sure I’m bringing in enough income every month to pay the bills. It makes it a bit more challenging to budget and to plan out how things are going to get paid on time. Depending on what kind of freelance business you have, your income doesn’t need to be sporadic.  I have both monthly contract clients as well as one-off design clients so there can be some stability.


It may feel less “secure” to some, but to me, I feel more in control than ever before.  I’m not relying solely on one source of income and I’m able to charge the rates that I want to charge on my own terms.  So, is this really a sacrifice? Not really.


Time Off

No one is here to run my business when I’m on vacation.  If a client is having issues and I just ignore it for a week, it would most likely lead to no more work from this client.   My laptop can come right along with me when I go out of town. There is no holiday pay or sick pay either. The great thing about running an online freelance business though is that you can conduct all of your work anywhere that has Wi-Fi.  You can also work at night and on the weekends to get ahead and be ready to take some time away.


Office Friendships

At first, I wasn’t worried about the lack of human interaction that comes with working from home.  I didn’t think it would be a big issue at all. Turns out, I had to make some changes to my schedule in order to fill my need to talk to more than just the dogs every day, all day.  Last year, I volunteered at a farmer’s market once a week. This year, I’m going to the gym, going to a coffee shop once in a while, and working in-office with clients. Now, I feel like the time I get in my home office is precious!



When you’re freelancing and running your own business, there is no one there to tell you what to do next.  There is no one to tell if you’re doing this “right.” There is no one teaching you and correcting your mistakes.  All of this now lies on your shoulders. You have to seek this information out on your own whether you read, attend classes, or reach out to someone who inspires you, you are ultimately in charge of moving yourself forward in the right direction.


These may seem like big sacrifices, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now.  What sacrifices have you made or would be willing to make in order to freelance? Comment below =)


“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” -Unknown


Thanks for Reading,