New Years Resolutions are a hyped up form of goal setting and implementing change in your life.  I think it’s great hype and I get so excited for people who are ready to make changes or go after something they’ve always wanted.


The New Year is definitely a fresh start, and it comes down to what you make of it.  Every day is a new opportunity, a clean slate, and a day to start over.  No matter what you want to achieve, it’s never too late to go after it.


I tend not to have one big “resolution” for the New Year.  Instead, I like to write down priorities and lifestyle habits that I want to focus my time and energy on.


2017 was another year of change.  Steve and I moved to Asheville, NC in 2016 from Milwaukee, which was a huge life change.  BUT, 2017 brought “Life Change” to a new level.


Big life shifts that happened in 2017:


  • Left my job to freelance full time
  • Got married
  • Transitioned to a plant-based diet
  • Welcomed a second dog to our family
  • Launched this BLOG


That’s a lot of things!


It feels good to reflect on the past year and see how far you’ve come.  While I didn’t hit everything I wanted to accomplish in 2017, I did make progress!  I’d consider this year to be one of the best yet.


Planning for 2018 feels different this time around.  My priority list is focused more on life enjoyment and travel. I want to continue or improve my healthy habits and decrease my not so healthy habits. I want to worry less and learn how to handle my anxiety.  My plan for 2018 feels more relaxed and I’ve accepted that I don’t need to be making drastic changes all the time in order to be moving in the right direction.


I also have big goals for my business that I’m going to work towards this year.  It feels exciting to be starting a New Year and anticipate all the fun things I get to work on.


Starting in January, I’m going to start publishing on this blog twice per week.  In addition to my typically Wednesday posts, I’ll be adding posts on Friday as well!  I’m a little nervous to take on this much writing, but exciting to start sharing even more.


So much can happen in 12 months.  Go after your dreams, your goals, and your passions.  If you’re not happy where you are right now, know you can change it for the better.


My Motto for 2018:  “Live More, Worry Less.”


Thanks for Reading,