We added a second dog to our crew last September.  Caleb joined our family when he was about 10 weeks old.  He’s a rough coat blue merle collie, while his brother Yoshi, is an 8-year-old rough coat sable collie. Yes, it’s Lassie…  Having two dogs has been a lot of fun and a big learning experience!


Yoshi has been a great big brother, teaching Caleb about how to be a good dog.  They are (slowly) becoming good buddies. Yoshi was upset those first couple weeks with Caleb around.   A little bouncing, nipping puppy running around on his turf was not his idea of a good time. Now that Yoshi realizes Caleb is here to stay, he’s gotten a lot more patient with him and now I catch them lounging around together or giving each other kisses.  


I remember when Yoshi was just a little puppy.  I was completely clueless and had no idea what I was in for!  Now that I’ve done this once, it’s been a lot easier. I know what to expect and I have a lot more resources in my tool belt.    


They both have their own personalities and deal with situations differently.  Caleb is a little peanut and still developing and growing, so that will all change as he matures.  He’s growing up so fast and is turning out to be an awesome big dog!


Having two dogs has definitely been tough at times.  Dealing with socializing, sleeping in a crate, potty training, teaching basic manners, and the many other things that your dogs need is a lot of extra work.  It takes your time and requires commitment. You have to keep practicing for the good of the dogs and for the family.  You could even say that raising a puppy has a lot in common with starting a business (I had to go there). ?  The training that we do now will be with him for the long run, and it’s so important for the health and safety of our dogs.


Steve and I spend most of our free time doing fun things that involve the dogs.  We go hiking in the mountains, visit the dog park, walk to different dog-friendly restaurants and patios, go camping, and really anything else we can do that includes them.  We recently started taking them both to dog training classes- mostly for Caleb, but Yoshi also is enjoying it!


Having two dogs is a big responsibility, but it’s been so rewarding!  I’ve learned about myself and the world from having these fuzzy creatures along for the ride.  Have you ever raised a puppy? Comment below =)


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