We are moving to a new apartment in just three weeks! I’m excited to be starting a new adventure, but also sad to be leaving our current place. There are so many great memories that have been built here and there’s a lot I like about it. The location is wonderful, it’s modern, open concept and within walking distance to downtown and a nature trail for the dogs.


So why would we move?! Well, plain and simply, the rent is no longer in alignment with our goals. We have a lot of other things that are more important to us such as savings, travel and other experiences that we want to put our money towards. It’s okay and even exciting to be taking this step. It will be a new experience and that alone is worth it.


We moved to our current apartment a little over two years ago without seeing it first—only photos on the internet. We sorta/kinda knew where it was located in the city, but not really. We had only visited Asheville for a few days before moving here, so we really had no idea! It ended up being a great apartment in a lot of different ways, but now it’s time to move on.


I keep telling myself that this will be an easy move, but let’s be real…moving sucks!


I own less than I ever have—at least since initially moving out on my own. There is still a good amount of furniture and STUFF that needs to be packed up and moved, like my bed, desk, couch, TV, camping supplies and everything else.


I’m just started to pack things up in boxes, but for the past few weeks I’ve been cleaning and going through everything. I’ve gotten rid of some small items, donated clothing and have prioritized a few things that I can use up before moving like bathroom soaps, lotions, etc. We’ve also been diligently trying to eat the majority of our food so we won’t have to worry about moving it.


No matter how far you’re moving or how much stuff you have, moves are stressful. Our last move was from Milwaukee to Asheville and it was pretty intense. Leaving the place we know so well into the unknown felt pretty crazy. It did make me realize how nice it is to own less!


After doing a big move across the country, I’ve realized that it’s important to keep things organized and spread out your moving tasks over a period of time. Here are a couple tips I have for a smooth move:

  • Start by packing the items you can live without in the near future- pack up artwork, seasonal clothing and decor first.
  • Label everything- get more detailed than just “kitchen.” I’d recommend writing “kitchen-pots & pans” or “kitchen-glasses”
  • Create a moving folder- You’ll likely need paperwork handy if you’re moving to an apartment or buying a home. Keep phone numbers and documents that you’ll need ready all in one place.
  • Clean as you go- wipe down drawers and clean shelves as you empty them out
  • Move delicate or important things yourself- don’t let a moving company take your most prized possessions. We will be putting our computers, plants, personal items and documents such as passports, social security cards, etc.. in our cars to transport to the new place.


Once we are all settled in the new apartment, I’ll be sure to post photos on here to show you around.


Do you have any moving tips? Comment below =)


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Disney


Thanks for reading,


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