It’s been almost 18 months since the very first blog post was published back in April 2017. 100 posts later and it’s crazy to see how my freelance journey has morphed.


I got the idea to start this blog shortly after submitting my two-week notice. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I thought this would be a productive and enjoyable way to spend some of the extra time I would have since I wasn’t working 9 to 5.


There was no grand vision or plan for this blog, it was just going to be a way that I could share my experience and hopefully inspire others to go after their goals. When I was working towards going full-time in my business, a blog like this would have been something I would have enjoyed, so that’s how it all began.


I’ve since made a more focused plan, increase the number of posts to be written every week and set some goals. I think this has unfortunately made writing a chore at times.


Lately, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with work and also have felt uninspired to put my all into writing quality posts. So, I’ve decided that I will be taking a short break. I want to re-gather my thoughts and do some major brainstorming about what I want out of this site and where I want it to go in the future.


There are a few ideas that I’ve been tossing around such as launching email courses, offering personal coaching and teaming up with others to write and publish guests posts on different topics.


100 posts ago, I would have never thought this site might actually be another business opportunity. It’s just an idea at this point, but it’s an exciting stage to be in again.


Would you be interested in email courses or coaching on taking your business fulltime, how to start a side hustle, or how to manage your finances while freelancing? What other topics might you want to learn more about? Comment below!


See you all in just a few short weeks!


Thanks for reading,


Lauren Fischer Designs