There is something so satisfying about making lists and checking off tasks- That feeling of accomplishment. I also love looking back at my old journals and planners to see how far I’ve come.


I started using a bullet journal about one year ago and I love it.  The cool thing about keeping a planner like this is that it can be whatever you want it to be.  You can use however much creativity or simplicity as you want.


I have a few packs of functional stickers that I like to incorporate for paying bills, managing meetings and tracking meals, goals and workouts. I’m not the most artistic person, so using stickers is a fun way for me to keep my planner looking “pretty” without having to draw… which is not my thing.


Here’s a breakdown of how I set up my planner every month and what I used each page for.


Recap + Plan- The first page is the previous month’s recap and next month’s plan. I like to write down what I accomplished that month and everything that happened whether it be expected or not. The future month’s plan is all about what I want to get done in the next 4 weeks- both business and personal goals.


Monthly Glance– I set up the whole month on one page and mark down when I’ll be out of town, when bills are due, when automatic savings withdraw happen and other noteworthy events. You’ll see I mark down when my husband gets paid, as this is the same day I pay myself through my freelance business so we can budget our money together.  I’ll have a post later this month all about how I pay myself so stay tuned!



Marriage Meeting– This is where I write notes from the monthly sit down I have with Steve every month.  I like to keep track of where we go-usually a coffee shop on a Saturday morning. We talk about everything that’s going on and what we want to accomplish.  It’s a nice way for us to talk about life and also hold each other accountable for our goals.


Content Calendar– I plan my content for this blog along with my business blog here. I have a place to check off when notes have been written, when I’ve drafted the post, when it’s been edited, and when it’s been published. It may seem simple but this is seriously revolutionary.



Weekly Spread– I have plenty of room to write down to-do items each day.  I also like to keep track of goals, meals and workouts for the week.


My bullet journaling style is not only about planning but also about expressing my creativity in a useful way. It’s a creative outlet and I get a lot of joy and value out of using my planner.


This is only half of the story.  Part two will be out next week which will include the budget portion of my planner.  It will show how I set up our monthly budget and how I track our spending.


Do you use a planner? What’s your style? Comment below =)


“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein


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