My freelance business used to offer EVERYTHING.  Web design, SEO writing, digital marketing, graphic design, branding, photography, photo/video editing…


If someone would have paid me to clean their house, I probably would have been psyched!


The main reasons I was taking on so many different kinds of projects was because I wanted to hustle and to figure out what I really wanted to do long-term. Pretty early on, I knew that photography was out.  I love taking photos, but I’m not as passionate about learning better techniques and perfecting the skill.


My business has slowly morphed into what it is today.  It took about 8 years, but I’m finally feeling ready to start focusing in on certain services.


I’m niching down and really trying to focus on what I love doing.  A few weeks ago, I made the decision to completely let go of doing graphic design work.


I love working on different kinds of graphic design projects, but it’s not my strength.   I might be “good” at it, but I know it’s not something I can deliver on as best as I’d like to.


I’m simplifying to only website design and digital marketing- SEO, content creation, email marketing, and social media management.


I feel as if this change will help me market my work better and attract the right clients.  If I’m only adding web design and digital marketing projects to my portfolio, I will be more likely to get future projects focused in these areas.  I have not yet gotten the courage to remove past graphic design work from my portfolio, but I think that will be happening in the near future.  I’m still proud of it and happy that I had the opportunity to work with some great clients, but I’m learning that these are not the best reasons for keeping the projects on display.


While dropping graphic design off my list of services makes me sad, I know I will still be able to do some graphic design work when building websites.  There is always some type of Photoshop or Illustrator work that goes into a website build, so I’ll still be able to satisfy that part of my creativity- just on a smaller scale.


For a while, I had a fear of losing out on projects if I simplified my service offerings.  Now, I think offering too much might have actually been hurting my business.   Just because I know how to do a lot of these different services, doesn’t mean I’m great at them all.


I want to build more credibility and focus my time solely on web design & digital marketing.  It’ll be interesting what my freelance business will look like in the next few years.  Things are constantly shifting, but it keeps this journey very exciting.


Do you struggle with niching down your business?  Comment below =)


“When a great opportunity comes, don’t take it. Master it” – Unknown


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