When I started working from home full-time, I knew I needed a dedicated office space.  At first, I tried working on my laptop from our kitchen counter or in front of the TV, and it was way too distracting. I found that I need to have some separation between work and personal space if I wanted to get anything done.


I live with my husband in a small one-bedroom apartment, so I’m not able to have an office to myself.  I now work off of a desk that is located in a cut-out of our living room, overlooking the patio.


Steve’s computer is right next to mine, but he’s not at home during the day so it works out just fine.  While we are technically sharing the space, the desk area gives me plenty of room to stay focused and get my tasks done.  While I absolutely love my traveling office, the space I have at home is always comfortable and I’m enjoying the time I have working from home.


My home office includes:


27” iMac:  I bought this computer 2 years ago after completing a big website project.  It was a sizable purchase that I don’t regret AT ALL.  This giant monitor makes it so easy to design and write.  No more being hunched over a laptop all the time!


Notes:  My bullet journal and client notebook are always on my desk when I’m working.  My journal has my to-do lists and a record of the deadlines coming up.  Client notebooks are used to keep track of the client projects and where I can keep detailed notes.  I use these paper notebooks in conjunction with Evernote to keep everything organized.


Camera:  I have a Sony Cybershots point and shoot on my desk that I use for this blog, my business website, and Instagram photos.   Everyone always says that the iPhone has a great camera, well mine’s old and the photos don’t always turn out great. This camera is easy to use and is so compact for taking great photos wherever.


Paperwork:  I have a bookshelf a few steps away from my desk where I keep my business documents.  This is where I keep legal paperwork, bank account information, business expense receipts, a portfolio of printed work (brochures, flyers, business cards), and business books.


Tea Coaster:  I drink a lot of tea during the day at my desk, so this coaster is a must.  It’s also the only thing on my desk that has any sort of character that is personal to me.


My home office space is nothing fancy, but it works!  When I’m sitting at my desk, it puts me into work mode.  This area allows me to separate work from my home.  It’s comfortable and the best part is that the kitchen is only steps away!


I’d love to create a dedicated office one day, maybe when we get a bigger place or buy a house.  I find myself looking at home office inspiration on Pinterest and think it would be so fun to create an inspiring, cozy space to work from every day.


Do you have a home office that you love? Comment below =)


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