Ever since my husband and I moved to Asheville, NC I’ve been on an organization/decluttering marathon. You could say organizing is my hobby… exciting, right? We moved from a 1,200 square foot two-bedroom apartment with a garage to an 870 square foot one bedroom place with NO garage– just a small outdoor storage area off our porch. On top of that, we added another furry family member so there are now 2 dogs and 2 humans living here.


Personally, I like a clutter-free home with clean surfaces. If things were not highly organized, our place would get messy fast. Trust me, even though every item in our home has a place, there are still days where so much stuff is laying around. Items typically aggregate in our kitchen and office areas. BUT, the nice thing is that it only takes a small amount of time to get everything back to where it needs to be.


Decluttering is a long process that can be a big pain. It takes a while to go through each room, cabinet, drawer, storage box and evaluate what you want to keep, donate, sell, or pitch. The thing I’ve learned is that once you go through everything, you need to continue to go through it after some time passes. I’ve gone through my possessions multiple times, and I always find more things that I can live without. It’s all about the continual editing.


I don’t have a “glamorous” lifestyle, but it’s simple and I love it this way. I give this lifestyle change a lot of credit for me being able to leave my job to freelance. I didn’t have Golden Handcuffs tied to a job that I needed to fund my lifestyle choices anymore. Getting away from the Golden Handcuffs takes time and consistency, but it’s VERY possible with some different decisions and life outlooks.


Not owning much has given me a feeling of freedom. Possibilities have opened for me that I would have never been able to go after when I had a car payment, credit cards, and a big rent bill. None of that stuff is worth your time and hard-earned money. So, what’s up next? My husband and I are now saving money to pay off his student loans and go on an epic honeymoon in January to South East Asia!!


Simple living has taken me to places that I never thought possible. Kind of silly that the most basic way of living has had that effect on me. I won’t be going back to the frivolous life.   If anything, things will just get simpler.


“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”  -Dave Ramsey


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