Hello, Hello! I’m back from taking two weeks off from writing here on the blog. I was feeling so meh about writing and picking out worthy topics that I just needed to take a quick step back. I spent some time in Wisconsin visiting family and friends, which was so much fun!  I’ve now been home in North Carolina just getting back into the swing of my regular routine.


During the past two weeks, I’ve tried to slow down and enjoy every little thing. I spent a good amount of time brainstorming and planning my next move with this platform. I realized that I want to keep this blog a fun place for me to write whatever feels right, share my experiences and hopefully inspire others.


There became a point where I was putting way too much pressure on myself to keep up, write blog posts for weeks in advance, find the “perfect” photo and overthink how each sentence might come across. While the look and tone of this site are very important to me, it’s not worth beating myself up over.


One thing I’ve decided to do is launch an email course by the end of 2018. If you’re not on the list to get more details about when the course will be ready, you can sign up here.


I plan to get started on building the course right away—it will be all about transitioning your side hustle to a successful full-time business. The course will be packed with information I’ve learned first-hand. It will include printable worksheets, videos, checklists, and more to help you make a smooth transition out of your 9 to 5 and into working for yourself.


Just the idea of building this course and doing something a little different got me super excited about the future. Which is exactly what I needed!


Anyways, this two-week mental vacation came at a perfect time and I’m ready to be back in full swing. Fall is quickly approaching which is my favorite time of year. Fall always feels like a fresh start and a time to push forward to reach your goals before the new year.


I have a lot of exciting content coming up. Here’s a quick peek into what’s to come in the next few weeks:

  • My struggle with cystic acne
  • Making lists
  • Financial planning for freelancers
  • We’re moving to a new apartment


Lastly, I want to thank you all for reading and for supporting my freelance journey. The outpour of support and encouragement I receive is amazing! I’m grateful that you’re here.


Much Love,


Lauren Fischer Designs