I’ve been on a minimalist/resourceful/lean living journey for the past few years—you can read my past post on my journey of getting rid of half of my stuff here. It’s changed the way I live my life from what possessions I own, how I spend my time and what I eat every day. There is something beautiful to living simply—or “lean.” I’ve noticed my stress is reduced, my mind can slow down, I’m able to think things through, focus on what’s important and life is a lot easier in general.


When I first decided to give this lean lifestyle a try, I was reading the book The Joy of Less, a Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize and Simplify your life by Francine Jay. This was the very first thing that got me going on getting rid of things I didn’t need and after that, I was HOOKED.

The joys of lean living

I learned how much your environment can affect your life—from people to stuff. Fancy things, new clothes, cars, big furniture, and sucky people were all things I didn’t have time for.


I’m not sure what I was expecting to get out of it at first—other than a clean house of course. I don’t think there were any expectations which made this journey even more rewarding.


My eyes were opened to the fact that while I still had stuff, and enjoyed having it, I wasn’t drowning in it. I didn’t need extra things in order to make me happy or feel content. I didn’t feel the need to fill a void that I thought could be filled with spending money.


I wanted to create a life that was simple—have minimal bills so I could live comfortably and not have to spend all my waking hours working in order to pay for the things around me. I wanted freedom—The ability to travel and flexibility to do what I enjoyed doing every day. In the end, I think it’s more of a journey though, rather than a destination.


I don’t feel like I had to make any big sacrifices in order to make this a reality. Curbing my spending habits was probably the hardest part of it all.


I live lean not because I have to, but because I want to. There is nothing wrong with having the finer things in life, nothing wrong with having a lot of living space and nothing wrong with splurging on yourself. But I will say, check in on how you feel and if those things are making you happy. That is the only thing that really matters.


“Everything around you either brings value to your life or it drags you down.”  – unknown


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