I’ve been back home in Asheville for a week now and I’ve been feeling more inspired than ever. Southeast Asia opened my eyes to a whole new perspective and outlook on my life and work.


We were there for two weeks and it was incredible to see how drastically different the Thai, Vietnamese, and Cambodian culture differs from here in the U.S. I noticed that many people spend a lot more time outside- just hanging around, relaxing, and eating. People also seemed to eat in groups all the time outside their homes or shops. I thought it was a nice part of their culture that people dedicate so much time with friends and family over meals. Life also seemed to move at a much slower pace. Nothing was rushed and no one was in a hurry.


We witnessed a lot of people living in shambles (or on the streets), selling food on the streets from morning until night, begging, and other hard things to see. I know all of this happens right here in the U.S., but this seemed to be much more common and on a grander scale.


While the cultures may be different, we are all people and are so much alike. There were things like politics, religion, agriculture and overall values that align with most every walk of life. The need for good food, beautiful architecture, providing for the family and enjoying one’s life seem to be common threads wherever you visit.


The landscape was also a sight to be seen. Beautiful temples, rivers, tropical jungles, countryside, and beaches made the setting picturesque. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!


This trip has made me see my life in a new light. I feel grateful for where I live, my home, the people in my life, my work, and day to day activities.  I love seeing new places, but there is something about coming home that is also refreshing.


After two weeks of being away, I was stoked to get back to work. That was a first! After recovering from the jetlag, I was eager to sit down in front of my computer and start brainstorming ideas. It feels good to be building something for myself, something that I can take in any direction I want.  I’m so excited for what opportunities lie ahead.


Adventure is a motivator for me. I feel the pull to seek new places to visit, to get lost, to take away something different from each new experience. The world awaits, so where to next?


“Work, save, travel, repeat.” – Someone on Pinterest


Thanks for Reading,