Do you ever hear people say how lucky other people are to be living the way that they are? Or maybe you’ve said it yourself? I know I have. “He’s so lucky to live in another country” “She’s so lucky to have that job” “He’s lucky to be able to travel often.” It’s gotten me thinking that this mindset has got to stop.


Since I started freelancing, I hear “You’re so lucky you can work for yourself.” All. The. Time. I’m not lucky; I’ve worked for this. And you can too. People tend to glamorize the end result and totally disregard the work it took to get there. Sure, I do think that luck can play a small role in some situations, but for the most part, it’s all the time, effort, and work that’s put in up front that gets this “glamorous” end result.


Take for example; you are going on a diet and exercise journey to get your dream body. You eat well, work out, and drink a lot of water. After months of sticking to this plan and avoiding all the temptation that is surrounding you, the excess weight is lost, your muscles are toned, and you look and feel damn good!  You’re not lucky to have lost weight; you’ve earned the body you’re in. You may be motivated, consistent, and SMART but not lucky.


I get SO jealous of people who get to travel the world. I see people on social media and YouTube who are going to (or living in) Europe or traveling to other awesome destinations and I get envious. I want to do all of that and see everything!! I feel very fortunate to have traveled some as a young adult and can’t wait to do more of it. I love to travel and explore other cultures but I know I can’t have it all RIGHT NOW. 2018 will be a different story, and I am planning a couple really cool trips. I am grateful for that. Just because I’m not doing those things right now, doesn’t mean that’s the way it needs to be forever. There is no reason to be jealous or think that those people are just lucky. The thing is, they are not. They’ve worked for the money, they’ve worked for the time, and they’ve planned for it all. Good for them right? Yeah!


It’s so easy to compare your life with others and feel that you are less fortunate than they are, but think about what you have and be grateful for that.  I try to take a moment every day to think about how blessed I am to live the life that I do and for all the wonderful people around me.  It’s truly changed my mindset.  The next time you start comparing yourself to others, stop and reverse your thinking.  Feeling bad for yourself is not getting you anywhere.


I challenge you to think differently about the people you encounter and their lifestyle. Think twice before saying someone is just lucky to be in the position they are in. Be grateful for the life that you have today and make the choices to bring yourself closer to your goals for the future.


“The shallow believe in luck. The strong believe in cause and effect.”


Thanks for Reading,