When I was living alone in Wisconsin, I had a two-bedroom apartment.  It was 1,200 square feet, had two bathrooms, and a garage… All. Full. Of. Stuff.  On the surface, everything looked clean, but the cabinets and closets were packed and in constant need of organization.  I don’t exactly remember the moment when I decided to clear everything out, but I do remember I was paying down my debts, so selling things became fun and a productive step towards my goals.  Now, there are many reasons why I continue to limit the stuff that accumulates in my space.

I easily got rid of over 50% of the stuff I once had in the last two years.  I wanted a clean space that didn’t require a lot of maintenance and to enjoy being around only the things I loved.  It’s fun to sell stuff on Craigslist! I sold so much stuff from purses and sunglasses to recliners, tables, and dressers.  I gave things away to friends and family and donated a ton of clothing and shoes. I moved in with my boyfriend and we downsized (a little) to another two-bedroom with one bathroom and a garage.  This place was 1,000 square feet. Wow, a whole 200 square feet less… You’d be surprised how much smaller it felt!


One year ago, Steve and I decided to move to North Carolina.  The thought of shipping our stuff 700 miles sounded painfully expensive and unnecessary.  We decided to fit everything into one small moving truck and to make it work.  Not only that, but the space we were moving into (and currently live) is only a one bed-room, one bathroom, no garage, and 870 square feet!  The purging was then cranked up a notch.  Everything was seriously analyzed and for the most part, decisions were easily made.  We just decided to live with a lot less.  I have to admit, when we first moved in, i had a minor freakout over not having a linin closet.  Now, I wonder why anyone has to have that many towles and bathroom crap!


I can honestly say, the space and the things we have now is all we need.  I don’t miss anything that we let go of.  If anything, I feel way freer. If I had to move long distance again, I know that it wouldn’t be a giant hassle.  It wouldn’t take much to pack everything up in a truck and be on our way to the next adventure.  That alone is worth living with minimal things.


Every item in the house now has it’s assigned place.  It’s easier to stay organized and cleaning is a breeze. I don’t shop just to shop or think about owning fancier things.  It doesn’t matter!  This has changed the way I think about a lot of things in life and what it’s really about for me.  I have scaled down my closet to what I actually want to wear on a regular basis and no longer purchase decorations (plants only please) unless it is absolutely perfect for our space.  Our apartment is a nice place to come home to now!  Living with less doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything and only own 3 T-Shirts. Trust me, I still have more than enough.  I just scaled down to what I actually USE and LOVE.  It’s been a fun process that has changed my life.


I’d so much rather have more money in the bank to spend on travel and other experiences.  I’ve realized that accumulating stuff in your life just makes it more complicated and limits your opportunities.


“Sell Your Crap, Pay your Debts, Do What You Love”


Thanks for Reading,