Every time I have a new project or a big idea that I want to take on, I always procrastinate getting started.  I push it off and make excuses that I need more inspiration, time, or whatever the case may be.  There is something so overwhelming about going from nothing to something and there is no way around it other than planning and putting in the work.


Most of the time, once I do get started, the process goes a lot faster and better than I imagine it would.  It’s that first step that is the WORST.


I think that a lot of people face this, especially when starting a side hustle or a passion project.  They see the big picture and the pieces that must come together to make it all work but put off that first step-  getting started.


I’ve always been interested in pursuing entrepreneurship ever since my college days.  I enjoy talking to people about their dreams to work for themselves or a life that is free from a 9-5.  Everyone has their own dreams, ideas, and passions that they want to pursue, and It’s surprising to hear the many forms of: “if only this/that/the other things then I would be doing it.”




I totally understand being afraid.  I’ve been there and fear is still alive and well within me.  But, those reasons you have for not trying to better yourself and your life are not valid.  There are always small steps you can take that will get you closer to living the life you want.


You can’t wait for everything to be perfect before starting something big.  There will never be a perfect time.  Get started NOW. TODAY!


You are in charge of your life.  If it sucks for a long period of time and you’ve been unhappy for a while, it’s your fault.  Make a plan to change your direction and get out there to change it.  Get started.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain


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