“How do you find clients?” I get this question a lot and it’s not always easy to answer. Once you get started doing freelance work, clients come in from all sorts of different ways.  Sometimes, ways you would never even think of. So, if you are interested in freelancing, how should you get started?

How to Get your 1st freelance client

Here are a few tips I have (these worked for me!) to get your 1st freelance client:

  • Ask the People Around You – This is how I got started.  I talked about the business I was starting with my family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.  I got small projects from this inner circle, so I was able to start building my portfolio. You never know what opportunities might be right in front of you!


  • Meet Other Business Owners:  Check out local networking events.  There are usually free events going on, no matter where you live.  Whether it’s a local chamber, small business committees, or entrepreneurial events- get out there and meet with other business owners and ask them about how they might need your services.


  • Ask for Referrals:  This goes along with asking those around you.  Your friends, family, co-workers have a broader networking than you alone.  If you publicize that you are freelancing, you’d be surprised the leads you’ll get.


  • Do Free Work  When you’re first starting out, it’s okay to take on free work in order to build up your portfolio.  Especially if it’s something you are really interested in working on in the future. The more quality work that you can show potential clients, the more likely you are to win new projects.  


  • Connect with other Freelancers–  I LOVE meeting with other freelancers who do similar work as I do.  Not only is it fun to connect over your experiences, it’s also a good way to make friends.  Other freelancers will have their own network and will be able to refer you to clients where their services don’t fit their needs.  It’s a win, win for everyone.


Over time, the more good quality work that you put out, the more of the right clients will come LOOKING for YOU.  It’s always nice when you are not seeking clients out, but they are seeking you out!


We all know this is not how it is when you first start out.  There is some legwork that needs to be done in order to win projects, but it will pay off in the end.  How did you get your first freelance client? Comment below =)


Thanks for Reading,