I’ve been sitting at my parent’s kitchen table while looking at a blank Word Document for over an hour now, trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to write about this week. I stare at the screen, get distracted and check my email, then Instagram, then airline ticket prices… where’s my motivation today?


Well, there’s the inspiration for this week’s post…


While the scenario above has more to do with lack of creativity and idea generation than it does with motivation, but I think that finding your motivation, or better, your WHY, is one of the most important things when starting a business. If you don’t have a big reason why you want to be in business, it’s going to be REAL hard to be successful long term.


For me, I do this because I love to help people launch their dreams and be independent of a J-O-B. I also love how satisfying it is to build beautiful websites that my clients can be proud of. I find fulfillment in being self-employed and confidence in knowing that I’m capable of winning new projects, recurring projects, successfully completing projects, and getting paid. The money is just the cherry on top of the whole process, there is so much more to it all.


I’ve heard many people about to get started in a side business because they want to “make money.” That sadly won’t last long! There is a ton of time and energy that almost always needs to go into launching and maintaining a profitable business before a dime is earned. I can’t tell you the number of things I do for my business every week that doesn’t generate any money, but these things have to get done in order for things to run properly. For example, I’m currently trying to get my QuickBooks account all figured out- won’t help me to earn any more revenue, but this business will get messy fast without an accounting system in place.


I hardly earned any money in the first few years of side hustling. I thought about giving up so many times because things were not moving fast enough. Maybe you’ve felt this way too. I urge you to think about your why and make sure it’s big enough and worth it to you to stay in the game for the long-run. Think about your motivation for your business, or for any goal, and write it down. Keep it in mind when you hit a wall or have a rough day and see how much it helps you overcome any setback.


When you have a strong why you’ll work so damn hard to accomplish whatever it is you’ve set out to do!  Stay consistent and I think you’ll surprise your self with everything you accomplish.


“When the reason for doing something is important to you and something you REALLY want, you’ll work hard for it”


Thanks for Reading,