I’ve had the goal of leaving my job to do this whole freelance thing since 2010. 7 years of working towards this “endpoint,” I’ve had to learn to love what I was doing to get here. The funny thing is that now that I’ve accomplished the goal, I’m already ready to reach even higher. The feeling of hitting the goal lasted moments, where as the process to get there took years.


You have to enjoy the journey you are on.


I think this is true no matter what type of goal you have.   Whether it is a career, health, educational, financial, or any other type of long-term goal, you need to commit to a certain lifestyle that will move you towards the results you wish for.


Meeting big goals will take a long time. You better be happy with what you are doing to get there, because it’s going to take a while. There won’t be immediate change or sometimes you may feel like you are doing so much without seeing any progress. It will be frustrating and will drive you to question why you are doing all of this. You just have to keep trying.


Some things won’t work while others will. It’s a learning process! I’m still learning about new ways to make money in my business, how to network with the right contacts, and what makes me truly happy with the work I do.


While I’ve always been very focused on meeting big goals, I had a hard time accepting where I was at in the present moment. It took a long time for me to be less obsessive about the end result and just appreciate the process.


Don’t get me wrong, setting goals and working towards something big is AWESOME. I just think that it’s more about how you go about meeting the goals that should be the focus, not so much on the actual end result. After all, the process is where you will spend 99% of your time.


Get comfortable loving where you are presently and the lifestyle you’ve committed to in order to reach your goals. Don’t stress yourself out everyday and think about how much better life will be once you hit your goals. You’ll reach them and then be on to the next without skipping a beat.


“Love your work, then you will find pleasure in mastering it.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Thanks for Reading,