With the Holidays and a New Year quickly approaching, I’m preparing to budget our finances a bit differently. This has nothing to do with buying gifts. The Holidays are about celebrating the year with the ones you love, and to me, gifts are just not important.  This shift is about being more on a financial plan. I’m excited to kick off 2018 (and the remainder of 2017) with a clear direction!


Over the last six months, we’ve been throwing everything we have towards Steve’s student loans as well as our Honeymoon trip (flights, hotels, excursions, etc..) that we are going on in January. These are all good things, but I’m ready to start doing more long-term savings in 2018.


Freelancing has made me more conservative when it comes to spending. Since leaving my job, I’ve stopped getting my hair cut/colored, stopped buying clothes, stopped buying meat and have switched to a plant-based diet, I’ve made my own deodorant and cleaning solutions, and I do 90% of our grocery shopping at Aldi- which is an amazing store by the way!


I really thought that I couldn’t cut our expenses any more than they already were, but I found plenty of ways. Honestly, I enjoy it and it doesn’t feel restricting at all. The more I can save to put towards big goals or fun trips, the more fun the penny pinching becomes.


Our student loans will be gone in January 2018. FINALLY. That means we can actually begin to save substantially for a house, travel, or whatever else we want to pursue. No more student loans, no more debt payments of any kind.


Debt has always freaked me out and leaving a steady paycheck defiantly didn’t make that feeling any better. I was out of debt before I got married this past summer, and I knew that it would be tough to take it on again. Thankfully we were on the same page about tackling these student loans and becoming 100% debt free as FAST. Without the teamwork, it would have been an impossible feat.


So with the New Year one month away, I’m excited to start shifting our money towards long-term goals and seeing some progress. I’ve set up a spreadsheet (yep, shocking) with the next 14 months that list out a savings goal for each month. Let’s do this!


“The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.” -T.T. Munger


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