I had a really weird week last week.  I constantly found myself looking at other people and being jealous.  Basically, I was envious of friends and people online that I don’t know at all.  I know that this is wrong and not getting me anywhere good, but it was overpowering.


I used to struggle with comparison a lot more in my college days.  Especially when it came to outward appearances.  I was discontent with a lot of things.   Now, I’m way more comfortable with my looks, but it’s shifted more to my career and life progression.  I should be saving more, I should be traveling to more cool places, I should be out networking more, I should learn more skills…


While surfing social media, I saw people buying houses or killing it in their business and then found myself wondering why I’m not further along.  It’s selfish to be thinking of myself when in reality I should be happy for these people.  I think it’s somewhat natural to think this way, but it’s clearly not helpful.


Alright, enough with the negativity!


You can’t compare where you are in life to others because no one is at the same place as you are.  When I step back, I’m SO proud of where I am.  I’ve accomplished a ton and there is no reason that I should be feeling as if I’m in a “worse position” than other people.     We’ve all worked hard to get where we are, that should be enough right?


Lately, I’ve been working on reminding myself of all the things I’m proud of.


  • I turned my side business into my full-time job
  • I’m able to pay my bills and save money working for myself
  • I’m debt free
  • I got married and went to freaking Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam
  • We moved to Asheville NC because we wanted to


I have to say that I’m impressed.


I’ve been trying out a few other things to get back to a positive state of mind.


  • Took a social media break
  • Made time for myself- did my nails, read a book, cooked a big meal
  • Got outside with my dogs
  • Journaled
  • Did some daydreaming
  • Brainstormed & goal set


It’s easy to be envious of others, but deep down you have to love your life!  You get to live it after all.


Do you ever compare yourself to others?  How do you handle it?  Comment below =)


“Stop thinking you’re doing it all wrong.  Your path doesn’t look like anybody else’s because it can’t, it shouldn’t, and it won’t.” – Eleanor Brown


Thanks for Reading,