I’ve spent the last 8 days in both Colorado and California.  5 days in Winter Park, Colorado and 3 days in and around Long Beach, California.  I’ve been to both of these places well over 10 times in my life, but every trip seems to spark something new.


Traveling is fun, inspiring, and fills me with gratitude for the world we live in.  From the moment I got onto the airplane in North Carolina, I’ve had a fresh outlook and passion for new experiences. I think part of it has something to do with traveling alone.  Listening to others and people watching has a certain joy to it.


My first stop was Winter Park, CO where I spent 4 full days snowboarding!  The Rocky Mountains are so vast and grand- it’s truly an amazing place.  Snowboarding has a freeing effect on me.  Cruising down the mountains all day, taking in the scenery, and going fast makes me feel awesome.  It’s hard to put into words.  It gave me time to think, reflect, and sort through some issues that were floating around in my brain.  I found a level of clarity and direction which feels really good!



The next stop was Long Beach, CA where I visited a longtime friend.  We went to many beach spots, visited a local art and craft fair, spend a day in downtown LA, went to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and ate tons of great food. I love this big city.  It’s busy, green, and just lovely.



This trip was filled with hours and hours of time spent outside, under the sun.  I read two books- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert & The China Study by Thomas & Colin Campbell.  Both awesome reads full of great information and inspiration!  I also had time to work on a few projects that are going on and connect with clients.  I’m so grateful for remote work and what It’s allowed me to do in the past year.


I’m currently airborne, on my way back to Asheville, NC.  I’m excited to see my boys and get back to the usual work and life routine with a new perspective.   That’s all for now.


Thanks for Reading,