The first three months of 2018 have been crazy busy!  To say that my work routine has been thrown out of whack is an understatement.  I spent 3.5 weeks out of town and had both family and friends visit Steve and I here in Asheville.  While all that was REALLY REALLY fun, it has made getting work done a challenge.


Now that I’m back in the groove, I’ve taken full advantage of the “extra time” that it feels like I have.  In the last two week’s I’ve:



While having flexibility is nice, it comes at a price.  I have a new appreciation for my working from home routine!  It feels so good to get a lot done in such a short period of time.


Now, my work schedule tends to look something like this:


7:00 am: wake up

7:30 am: Walk the dogs

8:00 am: make breakfast for myself and the pups and get ready for the day

8:30 am: Either head to the gym (or) get started at my computer: to-do list-ing and answering emails

10:30 am: Client project work time

12:30 pm: LUNCH- Usually I have leftovers or a salad and watch something on YouTube

1:00 pm: Back to work (or) household chores

4:00 pm: Another walk with the dogs

5:00 pm: Finish up any work and plan out the next day


I’m not sure how long this routine will last, but right now I’m loving how much I’m able to get done.  It’s also been nice to stay in during the evening hours and make some home cooked dinners vs eating out.  I’m a little over it and am digging the home-body lifestyle for the moment.  As always, it’ll get old and I’ll be ready for the next adventure.


Has time away from your usual routine ever made you miss getting back at it? Comment below =)


“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” – Mike Murdock


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