Welcome to my apartment! Steve and I—and our two Collies—moved to a new place about two months ago. We wanted a little bit more space while also keeping our rent reasonable. Thankfully, we found this apartment that’s located just a few miles outside of downtown and it offered us about 100 square feet of added living space. Win, win! While I loved the last apartment, this place already seems like it’s a better fit for us.


I consider my “style” to be pretty minimal and neutral. I wanted this place to have a light and airy feel while also being comfortable. It feels like a home and we are super happy with how it came together.


I’ve never stayed in one apartment for more than two years, so I guess you could say I enjoy a change. Without further ado, take a peek inside our one bedroom apartment in Asheville, NC!


Once you come through the door and up the stairs, we have this little entryway. Gary is our betta fish that lives on the entry table (Gary is named after Gary from Teen Mom, obviously). Steve won him in a work raffle, and now we are trying to give him the best life possible. Lots of shrimp pellets.


The kitchen and breakfast bar are one of the first areas you see upon entering.


The kitchen leads straight into the bathroom.


Here’s the kitchen from the other side. The door next to the kitchen is a storage area. We keep everything from our bikes, camping equipment, Christmas decorations, dog food, a supply of water and everything else that needs to be stashed away behind that door.


One of my favorite rooms in the apartment is the living room! We get tons of natural light and have an epic mountain view—you’ll see it down below. Both dogs like the lay on the couch so that Packer blanket is down to protect against hair. Not that it makes much of a difference with these two fluff balls.


We have a little office nook in the living room which is awesome for my workspace. Steve and I still share a desk—like in our old place—but it works fine since we are almost never working at the same time. I love being able to sit by the window most of the day.


The last room of the apartment is, of course, the bedroom. Our bed, two dog beds and a walk-in closet are all that’s in here!


This is our view from the patio. While it doesn’t look nearly as impressive as it does in person, it’s really beautiful every single day. I’m always amazed looking out the windows to the mountians—espeically in the morning when the sun is just coming up.


I love going through the whole process of setting up a new place. It’s fun to put your own spin on a blank canvas and see how it all comes together.


Thanks for reading,


Lauren Fischer Designs