For anyone who deals with anxiety, you know how hard it can be dealing with the unknown. Replaying different scenarios and outcomes in your mind and worrying about what could go wrong. I’ve been this way most of my life and it’s was heightened leading up to the last day of my 9-5 career. I’ve had to come to terms with the uncertainties of my life now. It would be nearly impossible to function without some relief.


I’ve always been the type of plan for EVERYTHING. I like to make lists of tasks and goals and work religiously to check off all the items. Just to start all over again. Not to mention the high anxiety that would set in when items took a long time to complete.


Sound exhausting? It is, and it’s not worth the stress!


I’ve been working for the past few months to let go of the things I cannot control. But, to some extent, freelancing makes it easier for me to have a sense of control. I can control how much money I’m making. I can control when and where I’m working. I can control how hard I’m working each day. I can control who I work with. I can control the quality of my work.


So while freelancing does come with a few uncertainties, like when the next project will come in, or when my client will pay their invoice, there are things that I do to help me off set that feeling of anxiety.


#1. Create Margin- I am always at least two months ahead when it comes to projects and bills that need to be paid. I feel like this gives me margin in my life. If I was constantly worried about paying next month’s rent or trying to figure out how I’m going to eat every day, it would damage my quality of work. Not to mention my sanity. I recommend everyone do this even if you have a full-time job. It frees up your mind to focus on what’s important.


#2. Be Present- Be present in the day and don’t fret over things that have not yet happened. No matter what type of emergency is going on, I try to slow down and deal on any immediate issue first. Take it day to day and keep your progress moving forward. This is a hard concept when you deal with anxiety, I totally understand that it can always be a work in progress.


#3. Step Away- You can only do so much in one sitting. As you get tired and overworked, quality begins to decrease and your motivation will falter. I always try to throw in a change of scenery during my work day, weather that’s going for a walk, taking care of personal errands, or just cleaning the house. I feel like stepping away even for as little as 15 minutes really helps me re-focus and deal with the tasks at hand.


You can spend all your time trying to outrun vulnerability. The thing is, uncertainty will never go away. The only way around it is to try to deal with uncertainty whatever way works best for you.


“If there is one thing that is certain in business, it’s uncertainty.”


Thanks for Reading,