It seems like only yesterday that I wrote my first post on this blog about my decision to commit to freelancing. I can’t believe that this is already post number 50! Every week, I look forward to working on writing these blogs, selecting photos, and sharing what this freelance life has been like so far.


Here are a few things I’ve learned in the past 9 months of writing every week!


I’ve noticed my writing has gotten better.  Improving my writing is a big goal for me in 2018, so I’m happy that I’ve made some progress in that department.  The writing process has become easier and easier.  Words flow, my content is stronger, and I’m finding my voice.


I’m doing this only for me.  I really don’t care if anyone reads my posts or not.  Sharing this information is therapeutic for me and I truly enjoy it.  I’ve personally gotten a lot out of this and  I’ve also gotten many positive comments from people that I know and people that I’ve never met who have found my content inspiring in some way or another.  So, that’s awesome!!


It’s a lot of work.  Writing two posts each week is more work than I thought it would be.  It takes a lot of time to generate ideas that are worthwhile to discuss, write notes, draft the final piece, and get it scheduled to publish.  Don’t even get me started on getting the right photos taken and edited.  My husband has been so great putting up with me needing “blog pics” all the time.


I need to plan.  Starting in 2018, I started planning out each month’s content which has really helped keep me organized.  I used to write posts the day before the publish date- this was way too stressful!  Now, I have a page in my planner that I use to put the date, blog topic, what category it falls under, and checkboxes for: notes, drafts, proofing, the final piece, and social caption.  I try to work 1 week ahead so I’m never dealing with rushing through edits the night before.


This still feels weird.  Sometimes I feel as if I’m oversharing and that no one really cares what I have to say, or that it’s not helpful.  I guess this all goes back to doing this for me. At the end of the day, it feels good to spend my time this way, so that’s all I can care about.


This blog has become very important to me this year.  I’m a month away from my one year freelance anniversary and writing these posts has been a big part of the journey.   Here’s to 50 more!


Thanks for Reading!