When I was working on goal setting for the New Year, I stumbled upon a concept called “guiding words.” These guiding words AKA words of the year, are basically words that describe what you want to focus on for the year. You want to keep these words front and center through everything you do.


These descriptive words are meant to help you focus your attention on what you want to accomplish. They are meant to encourage and inspire you to move forward in a positive direction.


Of course, I was super intrigued by this concept, so I decided to put together my own words for 2019! Here’s how I went about finding my guiding words.


Wrote out my ideal day. First, I wanted to write out a realistic work day, that combined productivity, relationship building and self-care. I feel as if the ideal day I wrote down has much more balance vs reality. My ideal day has self-care sprinkled throughout the day, workouts and making time for connecting with others.


Answered which areas in my life that need support. Next, I thought about what areas I’m neglecting.

  1. Connecting with like-minded people: I have some wonderful friends, but only a few that I can fully talk with about anything and everything. I want to spend more time with people with similar goals and aspirations.
  2. Mental health: Over the past few years I’ve become a lot more aware of my anxiety. I know this is an area that still needs support, understanding and finding tools for coping.


Discovered the qualities I want to develop. This started with the question “What do I feel are my weaknesses?” and then which of these do I really want to work on and improve in the next year.

  1. Outgoing: I consider myself to be a pretty shy person, especially when I’m surrounded by new people. I want to be more comfortable in all types of social settings.
  2. Acceptance: Instead of complaining or hanging onto problems, I want to learn to accept things for what they are and move on.
  3. Confident: Mostly, I want to build more confidence in my business. I want to be better about talking about what I do, selling to clients and being proud of the work that I’m doing.


Uncovered what my heart needs. I considered this step to be about self-care and what makes me feel happy.

  1. Cook healthy meals at home
  2. Be active & move in a way that’s fun
  3. Take care of my skin by doing face masks and moisturizing
  4. Go on date nights
  5. Read books
  6. Experience new things
  7. Spend time outside


Once I got through these questions, I began to brainstorm a bunch of words. I looked for similarities and also looked for words that helped to describe what I’d need to accomplish my list of “desires.”


The first word that I landed on was “Alignment.” This spoke to me because I tend to have a hard time taking time for myself. I want a more balanced lifestyle where I take time to regularly do what’s important to me. Things like work, relationships, time for myself, and mental and physical health are all things that need to be addressed equally.


The second word I chose was “self-assured.” It’s like confidence, but more about being assertive and decisive. This word stood out to me because I want to feel confident in my decisions and not second guess. I think it also aligns with my goal of connecting more with like-minded people, being outgoing and building confidence in my businesses. These are all areas where self-assurance is necessary!


What are your guiding words for the New Year? Comment below =)


“Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.” ―Brian Tracy


Thanks for reading,


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