Exactly one year ago today, my husband and I moved into a new apartment in Downtown Asheville, NC- 700 miles from where we’ve lived our entire lives. It was the first time we ever saw the apartment because we did all the planning and coordinating online and over the phone. Turns out, we love it!


It’s been a wonderful adventure over the last 12 months, full of highs and lows. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been here for that long! There has been some major reflecting going on lately and it’s fun to think back on how much has changed.


On September 5th, 2016, all our belongings were in a moving truck and we were taking the 12-hour drive from Milwaukee, WI to Asheville, NC to start a whole new chapter. We had little idea of what was next for us, but the excitement of a new adventure far outweighed any fears.


Once we finally got settled into our new surroundings, Stephen and I both started working full-time jobs and figuring out what our new lives were going to be like. Everything was different and the options were endless.


We spent most of our weekends hiking in the mountains, camping, and exploring and/or getting lost downtown. While we still do a lot of that now, we’ve found a good routine and are feeling comfortable in this new city.


It’s been an eye opening experience to completely change my surroundings. I’ve learned that anything you want to do is possible. Even if it seems impossible or scary, you really can change anything about your life. All it takes is planning and commitment. This experience has also given me a new outlook. It has shown me that change can be revitalizing, which is partly why I decided to quit full-time work to run my own business.


When I look back to one year ago, I was at my job every day. Now I’m working for myself and volunteering once a week in a completely different part of the country. It’s a weird yet beautiful feeling. Change has been good to us!


There was a fair amount of risk that we took when moving from a place of comfort and familiarity out into the unknown. The reward we got from doing this was the freedom to know that we are capable and the enjoyment of exploring a new area. Personally, I think it was all worth it.


This past year has been unlike any other and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Who knows where we will end up, but so far I love this adventure.


“Don’t fear moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly.”


Thanks for Reading,